Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016

Happy new year everyone. I hope is not too late to wish all of u. May this year brings us to never ended happiness. So what ur 2016 resolution?  For me I want to find somebody to love and get engaged. May Allah bless mine. Amin..

Tonight I am alone ever. All my housemate are having their time with beloved ones. And I with the phone and youtube. I found some channels that really enjoyed me. Adrian gee. Loepsie. Zachking. Flynn. Very entertaining. Flynn is inspiring. Not a teacher or an educator yet a motivator for me.

I really hope this year I can be more functional and creative. I don't even want to stuck forever with dental. Oh my! There less than a week to back to school. I have to face again the students. Hopefully this year the kids are more behave and nice. Pls ok? ♡

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